Love is amazing. Agape love is beyond description and words. This love our Father has for His children is indeed indescribable, for indeed there are no words – at least in the English language – that can fully describe what it feels like to be loved unconditionally.

The girls of the Girls Home of Pune are beginning to see, hear, and feel what this type of love is. Imagine these same girls on the streets. Hungry, abused, abandoned, unloved, just so much chattel in the eyes of so many, taken by men whose sin has filled their hearts, carried to places we don’t even want to think about, sleeping on floors or worse, where hopelessness sets in, hardness takes the place of gentleness, and sin becomes a way of life, even to girls so young.

But now, by the incredible grace of our loving Father and His use of men and women who have put their faith into action, these same girls are washed, fed, beautifully dressed, cared for, loved, and have been given the occasion to learn about their loving heavenly Father and given the opportunity to worship Him freely in spirit and truth. God is truly amazing, and He is doing great things! And His work has just begun in Pune.

The girls are only beginning to know that true agape love is neither deserved nor can it be earned. By grace, it is just dispensed by God to His children. And this love will never end; it will be with them from these early years throughout all eternity. And these precious little ones will hopefully come to receive it, know it, and share it as they go on to lead lives of wholeness and hopefulness when it would have been brokenness and hopelessness.

Today these young girls are the recipients of His mercy; may our prayer be that tomorrow they will be used by God to tell others about that same love; the love that can turn anyone’s life from a slave of sin, self-centeredness and pride, to becoming a new creation, repenting of their sins and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is for this reason that the Girls Home exists. May God alone be glorified.