He that oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker: but he that honored Him has mercy on the poor. Proverbs 14:31

Good news! The Koinonia Medical Clinic has moved into a new building. Medical services to the poor and poverty stricken continues six day a week throughout the entire year. Thank you for your prayers!

The new location is just a block away from our previous spot and similar in layout, with a reception area and examination room. We have seen an uptick in patient visits even through the transition.

Let’s all remember Dr. Shital Zamre, our physician, as she oversees and reaches out in the Pune neighborhood district. Many of our patients have never seen a doctor or received proper medical attention.

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Please also pray for the Lord to continue to raise up the qualified specialists in India and around the world to join us as we reach out medically and spiritually at such a time as this.