Two years ago the Lord put it on my heart to go to India. Six months later, my wife Amy told me the Lord spoke to her that I was to go to India. With that confirmation, I began to search out people who had been to India and was led to Dana Colbert.

Soon after talking with him, plans were made and we acquired our tickets. God’s hand was all over the trip – arranging the great price we paid for our tickets, smoothing our path and keeping us safe during our travels, and aligning everything at home so we could go in peace.

When I arrived in India, I went to the roof of the compound to pray. Already I could hear God calling me to come back to India again. The first day I was there!  

I was blessed at the opportunity to teach the students some skills that God had blessed me with in concrete masonry. It took them a couple days to get used to my accent, but after that we formed a great relationship. We prayed for each other, went for walks, and shared a laugh or two.

Seeing their culture and the love they have for Christ was awesome. Visiting a culture where they can be put in jail for their faith while I can worship God freely here in America gave me a special appreciation for their hunger and thirst for righteousness.

I was blessed to stay with the Hiwale family and experienced their tremendous hospitality. They truly made me feel a part of their family. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to go to India and share what God has blessed me with. It’s funny how you go somewhere to bless people and end up blessed in return.

Thank you, Jesus.