We all understand that we are called to be a “witness and disciple”. But when a person begins to witness they go from being a disciple to being a discipler. A disciple is one who minds neither his own business nor anyone else’s business, but looks steadfastly to Jesus and follows Him. How long it takes Jesus to get us identified with Himself depends on us. We cause delays to God by persistently doing things in our own way. Jesus never gets impatient with us; He waits until everything has fallen away and there is nothing left but our identification with Him.

A person can become spiritually decrepit because they seek unfounded supernatural inspiration. Be wary of continuously being thrilled, wanting natural experiences of ecstasy and excitement that only lead to disappointment. We are not to wait for something in the future, but we are to be prepared now and realize this is the time. It is easy to talk, easy to have fine thoughts, but none of that means being a disciple. Being a disciple is to be someone who is an endless satisfaction to Jesus at home, church, in the workplace and in the public areas of our lives.

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Earlier I mentioned that realization of spiritual momentum in the India Ministry does not come without the awareness of battles and adversity that these men face. One of the greatest dangers is to try to avoid facing adversity, which produces endurance. The idea that persecution strengthens the Church is difficult for us in America to understand and grasp. We are a culture that shuns pain regardless of the gain. These graduates are young men, prepared and determined, but they are leaving the protection of the “holy hill” where they have been taught for the past couple of years.  They no longer will just hear what it is like “out there”, but they will see it for themselves in the towns and villages where the Lord sends them.