Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. 1 Corinthians 7:17

Ours is an age in which everyone is shopping for perfection. Work, home, hobbies, church – we think everything could use an upgrade. However, in our drive for better opportunities and greater comfort, we often forget those around us who have little or nothing.

People in Paul’s times faced similar social and cross-cultural and economic issues. Nothing is new under the sun or unique to us as a society or you as an individual. Paul’s advice to the Corinthians to “lead the life that the Lord has assigned” challenges our self-absorbed social climbing.

The Prayer Station

The Medical Mission Team just returned from India. They did an amazing work serving the poor and needy. Many of their patients are in a better place today; they are on a path of prevention and follow up care. But the most significant thing that happens every year is what happens in the prayer station.

The entire medical camp is set up as as a series of stations. Patients get a blood pressure check, diabetes check, eye check, dental check, etc. The last station is for prayer. Even though it’s optional, almost all of the patients enter the prayer station of their own volition. They ask for prayer for issues that you would never get them to talk about in any other place. They share hurtful, embarrassing things; things that they often don’t trust anyone else with.

By the grace of God, they are met with brothers and sisters who pray for their needs, share the gospel and give out Bibles to any who ask. Every year we are reminded that we can never take it for granted that people have heard the name of Jesus before; and even if they have, few really know Him.

The Koinonia College of Theology students, Pastor Tony and others from Faculty and Koinonia Fellowship Church of Pune interceded and talked and prayed and God did the most amazing miracle of all, He gripped their heart. Many now have come to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

Making the best of our situation

We need reminders like this that breakthroughs take place in and through prayer. No ministry will sustain itself if it is not bathed, anchored, and powered by prayer.

In our personal prayer lives, many times we ask God to take us out of our present circumstances, instead of praying that He will use us in our current situation. As you pray, you may hear God calling you to make changes in your life, but until then, examine your present situation and circumstances for opportunities you may be missing.

Don’t be guided only by your personal preferences. Notice the needs of people around you and come alongside them, not just with physical eyes but with spiritual eyes. Connect with those who don’t know Christ or have never met someone who represents Him in a compelling way. Wherever we are, God is at work. Whatever situation you are in, make the most of it for the sake of Jesus. It is your calling.

Good news from Pune Center

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Please continue to pray for the construction of the 5th floor of Pune Center. Pray for the resources needed to complete this building and finally install an elevator. The Lord has been faithful to provide every resource we needed and with your prayers and love we will see this project through to completion.

A prayer request

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India has never been a country that was wide open to the Gospel, but today there is a strategic and intentional effort to suffocate ministries that have been operating in India for long time, including those that have only been engaged in social activities. A very prominent Christian organization that supports children around the world has recently been kicked out by the Indian Government.

We ask you intercede for India Connection and the work in India. The time is short, the harvest is ready and we pray that God would prick the hearts of many to get involved, especially if they have been sitting on the sidelines. This is no time to procrastinate; it is time to put our hearts and hands together so that the gospel may be preached throughout India.

We want to take advantage of the open door today and equip our pastors, train young men and women, rescue girls who will become women that will stand for the Lord, and be a catalyst for change in India.

Would you please pray earnestly on how God would like you to get involved? We need you. If the Lord is putting a burden on your heart, there is an opportunity. This will require faith on your part. Take the first step, pray and raise your hand and say, Lord, here I am, I am available! You will never know what God can and will do through you if you give Him the blank check.

We are thankful for your hearts, prayers and support. Please call, email or message us on Facebook if you have any questions!

In His Service

Pastor Ben