A recent visitor to the Girls Home writes:

I first met the group of girls that God has chosen to live at the Girls Home one weekday evening. Each one came up to me, sweetly making my acquaintance and shaking my hand. Each girl looked up into my eyes when they spoke, and all I could think of was the grace of our loving Savior as His Sovereign Will brought these invaluable little ones to a place called “safe”.  (He never ceases to amaze me.)

The next time I saw them as a group was Sunday morning as they walked through the door into the worship area. They were all dressed up, some in saris, some in dresses, all heads covered, and had just completed their short walk down the street to the Pune Center building for the morning service. They came in and headed right for the front of the sanctuary. There they help to place a large rug on the floor upon which they will stand or sit while they worship the Lord in song and listen to the Word being preached.

girls at worship
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Inside I chuckled as I noticed one of the women in charge of the girls keeping a very watchful eye upon them to make sure no one misbehaved; and they didn’t. They are quiet, courteous, and reverent when announcements are being made, or the message is being preached. But when it was time to sing, their faces glowed and their voices resounded in praises that our King must surely have been pleased to hear.

It was a wonderful sight, and I am hoping that in heaven Jesus will allow me to see again what is now beautifully left only in my memory.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

The girls all learn the need to be born-again in order to possess eternal life and that it is afforded them free of charge because of the extreme price paid by the Servant of servants and King of kings on the Cross of Calvary.

They will learn about the Bible and spend time every day reading it. They will learn that the Bible is the greatest love story ever told as they read the Gospels and come to understand the greatest love in the whole-wide world; the love of God toward each of them.

They will learn how precious each one of them is to the Lord. They will be taught that no matter how tall or short they are, how pretty they look, their size or shape, where they came from, who their family is, or how much time they spent apart from Him, that He loves them unconditionally.

It is a message that we all need to hear, but how much more special is it to one whose mother and earthly father have abandoned them? They will learn of the promise and lean on the words of David in Psalm 27:10, “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.”

The streets teach them that there is no such thing as true love; it is for fairy-tales, books of fiction, and movies of make-believe. They are told that if their parents loved them, they wouldn’t be in the street. But God’s Word teaches them that should they be completely and totally abandoned by everyone on this planet, He will always be with them. He will be their Shepherd, He will guide them, He will protect them, and He will be ever watching over them. They are taught that His love never fails.