Over the past few months our pastors have been able to minister to many people facing anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.  For some, hopelessness has set in, and much counseling and help is being given. Praise God for His comfort and for bringing us joy even in our suffering.

In times like these we are encouraged by the life stories of believers who have overcome great challenges in their lives, with God’s help. People like Pastor Elish Sarode. Here is his story:

I come from a Hindu Family. My father accepted Jesus Christ as his savior when I was a young man. Due to my father’s changed life I also accepted Christ as my Savior and dedicated my life to His service.

My Hindu neighbors and even my own relatives opposed me, beat me and forced me to leave my home. I came to the Pune area with a heart to serve in church ministry and have planted a church in my village where I minister to 40-50 people, mostly with Hindus and newly converted Christians.

But because I didn’t have a denominational background the local Protestant churches were not happy with me and I was not welcomed in the community.

That’s when I found out about the Koinonia Fellowship Church in Pune. I came in search of this church and met Esther Hiwale, who welcomed me and asked me who I was looking for. I shared my difficulty with Sister Esther about how I was struggling to pay my rent for the apartment. How the landlord was kicking me and my family out, if I did not pay the rent in one day.

Sister Esther heard my story and told me that she will share this with Bishop Hiwale and get back to me in a few hours. Bishop Hiwale called me and told me that he will give me some financial help to solve this immediate difficulty so that my family and I can remain safe within the house, instead of the streets.

I truly appreciate this kindness and support that they gave me during the worst time of my life. I am very happy to be in the Koinonia Fellowship Church and under the leadership of Bishop Hiwale, who accepts me as a Pastor and gives me an opportunity to serve. 

Please keep praying for me and my family and my church ministry.

Pastor Elish Sarode
Independent Church
A sister church of Koinonia Fellowship, Pune