Letter from the School of Practical Trades

Two years ago the Lord put it on my heart to go to India. Six months later, my wife Amy told me the Lord spoke to her that I was to go to India. With that confirmation, I began to search out people who had been to India and was led to Dana Colbert. Soon after talking...

It Matters

Happy Independence Day to all Indians! You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. Matthew 5:38-39 [Pictured...

We Don’t Need Celebrities, We Need Disciple-Makers

Koinonia College of Theology (KCOT) in Pune prepares young men and women to answer God’s call on their life to ministry.

India Connection is a permanent, indigenous, Christ-centered ministry; a network of Christian fellowships spread across 16 northern Indian states. In the face of poverty and persecution, our pastors proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, people are hearing the good news and getting saved every day.

save the girl child2

Girls Home of Pune

Giving new life and hope to girls rescued from the streets of India.


College of Theology

Training men and women to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.


Medical Missions

Sharing the love of Jesus by healing the sick at a free medical clinic.

India Connection to open International School of Pune

After much prayerful consideration, the leadership of India Connection and the Girls Home of Pune have decided to open an International School in Pune.The eventual goal will be to provide a world-class education for the girls while generating an income that will make...

Where we are, and what comes next

If you’ve been following India Connection recently, you know that we are in a season of change. In our last issue, we spoke about the giant waves that are starting to form that we believe are leading to a historic revival of God’s church in India.

Preparing girls for life

Volunteers from the 2017 Medical Missions Trip meet the Girls Home kids April marks the end of the school year in India, the time of year when students are busy studying for important exams. Please pray for the girls at the Girls Home of Pune during this stressful...

A Day in the Life of the Girls Home

We recently were blessed to have a videographer visit the Girls Home and capture all the activities of a typical weekday: waking up, brushing each other's hair, cleaning the dormitories, doing devotions, eating meals, going to school and returning home for free time,...

A Christmas Thank You!

Thank you for praying with us and for us through 2015! So many times this year I have experienced your commitment to the joy and challenge of the gospel. Certainly I hear stories of struggle and frustration amid the demoralizing moral, spiritual and economic decline...

Making an Eternal Difference for a Girl in India

Kids from the Girls Home do a presentation at their local church in Pune, India Girls in India today are selectively aborted, killed in their cribs, abandoned as infants, and trafficked as young women. According to savegirlchild.org, one out of six girls in India will...

Pastors in ministry

Girls Rescued

Graduates serving

Churches planted

Get Involved – Make a Difference

Have you been praying about how to get involved in an overseas mission, either as an individual or a church?
We invite you to come alongside and pray and seek the Lord’s will for this ministry.

A village church in Andhra Pradesh

Build a Village Church

Many fellowships all across India do not have a place to worship. Your gift helps build structures that will stand for generations as a witness of the Good News of hope and salvation.

Missionary visits Girls Home

Be a Missionary

Have you or your church been praying about getting involved in an overseas mission? Visit India and serve in a medical clinic, teach a practical trade, or visit the Girls Home.

A village church in Andhra Pradesh

Support a Pastor

India Connection pastors walk miles each day as they go from village to village and town to town sharing the Gospel. The gift of a motorcycle enables many more to be reached.

Your support changes and saves lives.