Pray for India!

We have been in close contact with Pastor Joseph, Vishranti and our pastors across India during the coronavirus crisis. This morning Pastor Joseph called with an urgent update. While our people are safe and well provided for in Pune, including at the Girls Home, some of the less fortunate are beginning to have difficulty feeding their families.

Many Christians in our churches work as day laborers in jobs that do not provide any surplus income. They live on the wages they receive from day to day and do not have the means to buy and store food when times are good. With the country on total lockdown, businesses have closed and most of these people are quickly running out of money.

Our pastors themselves rely on the weekly offerings of rice and other supplies they get from their flocks. With no one allowed to gather for worship on Sundays, their families are also struggling to put food on the table. Even when the government lifts the curfew for a time to allow people to go to the market, some have no money to buy what is needed.

The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. Psalm 145:15

Praise God for His marvelous provision! The India Connection leadership has wired money to Pastor Joseph with instructions for him to distribute it to 40 pastors whose flocks are in immediate need of food.

We are in a new season, saints. We have never had to deal with anything like this before. Our people may be poor, but they have always been able to provide for themselves and have never asked us for bread.

For the next few weeks, any donations to the India General fund will be used to replenish the Pastor’s Benevolence funds that were distributed to our pastors in need.

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