New School Year Begins in India

It’s June, so that means the start of the 2022-2023 school year at the Girls Home, International School and Koinonia College of Theology. This year was not without its challenges, but the Lord is faithful and there is a lot of good news to share.

Esther returned to India from her visit to America on June 5, and had a full plate in front of her. As many of you know, her return was delayed when she was involved in a serious car accident the day before her departure from Canada. She is doing much better, but is still facing some outpatient surgeries in the coming weeks to repair damage done to her sinuses and eye socket. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery. 

International School Grows to Over 60 Students!

When Esther arrived back she had just 10 days to complete preparations to open the Hearts & Hands / International School. Fortunately, the staff at the school had been busy during Esther’s trip recruiting students and getting ready for the new year. There are currently 5 women on the staff, all of them trained teachers who have received one-on-one mentoring from Esther. 

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A system of instruction has been put in place that has enabled students to excel. The biggest selling point is that the kids are doing great at learning English! The school has a growing reputation for excellence; word of mouth is spreading throughout the community. Despite being only a few years old, and not spending any money on advertising, enrollment is skyrocketing!

We have added more than 60 students from grades Pre-K to 4th Standard, and more are coming every day. We believe by the end of the year we will be at a hundred students. Some come from a great distance away, so we have arranged transportation for them. It all gives us great hope that we will achieve our plan to add 3 grades a year and be K-12 in just three years!

Praise God for his faithfulness in granting favor to the International School. We persevered through Covid and found a way and a will to stay open when most other schools were closed or meeting only virtually. We are grateful to the staff for their hard work. Parents saw our dedication and the love of Christ that we have for their children and are rewarding us for it now.