When the faculty of KCOT met on the day of Esther’s arrival, they had a decision to make. The school had been meeting virtually for the past two years, and the leadership of India Connection felt they needed at least ten students enrolled for in-person classes to justify opening the dormitories and classrooms at Pune Center again. 

The KCOT faculty had taken over recruitment while Esther was away and had a list of prospective new students for her to review. From that, she selected 16 students – 8 for the B.Th. program and 8 in M.Div. Many of these students are from tribal areas in Odisha and elsewhere, continuing a trend in our enrollment patterns over the past several years. 

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While this is down from the 36 students we had in the year before Covid, it is a testament to the hard work of our professors and staff that we were able to weather this storm by the grace of God. We have a new professor this year; Girls Home director Trevani is teaching the in person Diploma 1 class this year in addition to the online diploma courses. Pray for our professors – Mithun, Praveen, Rebecca and Trevani – and all the new students as they begin this new chapter.