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What is our mission?

We are committed to helping raise the next generation of men and women to preach the gospel and bring hope to India.


How can you get involved?

Your generosity gives new life to girls rescued from the streets; providing a hope and a future
at the Girls Home of Pune.


What is our mission?

We share the love of Jesus by healing the sick at a free medical clinic that meets the needs of the poor and underserved.


Read Mazyi’s Story

kid 1

Amid the persecution and poverty of Burma, Mazyi dreamed of escaping and getting a Christian education. Her heart was to prepare herself to evangelize Burma, specifically Burmese women.
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Read Arvind's Story

kid 2

Pastor Arvind preaches in an area where fundamentalist Hindus fight to make sure no church ever gets a foothold. We are working to construct a small church building for his flock.
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